Our Children are precious, pure and innocent, at least in the beginning.  Children are our greatest natural resource so it is no wonder the color gold was chosen for this great mission.

     Gold is the color that backs September's Childhood Cancer Awareness. I wear gold in support of Childhood Cancer all year round. It is a vicious disease in its many forms for everyone here are some statistics about this disease from the cure search people and St. Jude's (Doctors often send their toughest cases to St. Jude because they have the world’s best survival rates for some of the most aggressive childhood cancers.):

     Now I want to share how these children have had an effect on Santa’s life.  The first year I made my appearance at The Santa Claus Christmas Store two separate and very emotionally impacting events occurred. 

     The first was on Thanksgiving, that evening we had a family come in for a visit, Mom big brother, Sister and little Brother. We just started the visit with a photo, then what do you want for Christmas. Sister replied I want my Big Brother to be cancer free, little brother replied with the same answer and then I looked at big brother and he told me it would be nice if he could be Cancer Free.  Then mom joined in and said, “Santa we came in to see if we could Celebrate Christmas early? Because the Doctors had told them that Tyler would not make it to Christmas.”  I believe that the following came to me from God, because I was already in a tough spot and just needed the right answer.

     I told them that they could celebrate Christmas anytime they wanted to, that it was about the Birth Of Jesus and we could all celebrate his birth everyday. Then I said, “the Doctors are not always right,  the best thing to do is go to The Great Physician, I will pray for you."  In the past I would just say a quick silent prayer and remember to pray again later. These children taught me something as they gathered round and grabbed my hands it became obvious that this time was going to be different, so I started praying for this young man and his family.  When we were done Mom told me about a Facebook page that was set up for updates on Tyler that and that I could follow him there.

    After I got home I set up to follow Tyler and ended up connecting with several other children with cancer and finding out just how much this disease was affecting children and their families.

    So I started a prayer list and prayed for these children daily.  

    Within a week I had a family of four come in. Dad and the boys had on nice sweaters and dandy golfing type hats, Mom was dressed very nice as well. It started out a regular visit we took a nice family photo and I was visiting with the boys while mom was picking out a photo. Then I overheard mom say something about one of the boys having cancer. That was when I asked if there was something going on that needed some special attention. The oldest brother looked at Mom and said in a shocked tone, "You told him!"  Mom responded “No I did not say anything to him." He then told me he had cancer.  I asked if we could pray about it and the boys said yes and one of my helpers joined us as we prayed for healing and blessings on this young man and his family. I am sure I was told his name but it got lost in my head as I was more concerned about continuing prayers.  So from that point he was known as the dandy young man with cancer in my personal prayers and on my list.

     As time moved on I found so many more children battling this horrible disease on Facebook  and my prayer list got longer.  I found Lane Goodwin from Kentucky and everyone giving him a thumbs up as he fought his cancer so I started praying for him as well.

     I was able to visit with Tyler a couple more times after Christmas, before he lost his battle in the spring and gained his angel wings.  I followed Lanes progress as well as others then in the fall Lane got his angel wings. I continued my prayers for all the Children battling cancer as well as the dandy young man. 

     Lanes Facebook page had changed to Thumbs up for Lane Goodwin Foundation. After awhile they had an announcement about a book.  The book is about a special elf named Merriam that helps Santa pray for children. The announcement said it had a special letter from Lanes brother Landon.  So I ordered a copy immediately, upon its arrival I could not wait to start reading it.  As this book was a special one, at the end there was a photo of Lane and his family that had a profound effect on me, as it was of the family with the dandy dressed young men in it that had been into see me the year before. It was a surprise to me and once again my life was changed.

     These Children who wage these battles and maintain such a great attitude about there battle continues to amaze me.  It seems that I get to visit with more of these awesome Children every year, as well as other children in need of prayer for varieties of reasons. So now I no longer keep a prayer list but now have a prayer book for all that are in need of prayer. We no longer wait to pray. We pray for who ever needs prayer right then thanks to what the children have taught me.  There is no time like the present for prayer,  it does not have to be set aside for any particular time.  I can be found praying in my room almost anytime, sometimes with others and a lot of times for others.

     Oh the Gold that is the color of the ribbon for childhood cancer awareness month, which is September.  I personally feel that everyone needs to be aware of this year round. This has become special for me in my own way, and it has come about in a very serendipitous way, my life and mission has been changed forever. Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.


  • 43 children are diagnosed with cancer every day
  • 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive
  • Children’s cancer impacts all ethnic, gender and socio-economic groups.
  • The average age of children diagnosed is six.
  • More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.
  • 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.
  • There are approximately 375,000 adult survivors of children’s cancer in the USA.
  • That equates to 1 in 530 adults ages 20-39.
  • 16,000 children and teens will be diagnosed with cancerthis year in the U.S. 

     Some people wonder why one of Santa’s favorite colors is gold. 

There are many reasons; here are the important ones:

Gold was one of the gifts that the 3 Maji brought to him as gifts for his birth. It has always been one of the most precious metals in the world.

The color is pleasing to look at; most people prefer to look at gold. 

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer

The purity of this fine metal has been around since the beginning. 

In the Bible we are told that we will walk on the purest of gold.  It says in Revelation 21:21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

Why the color GOLD?